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Jul 2017444-6444-6444-6444-6+1-200:54
Sep 2017458-0464-6457-0457-4s-5-209/26/16
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Market Commentary
Market Commentary
The rain showers really didn’t materialize like most had thought over the weekend so thankfully I think farmers will be able to be back in the field’s tomorrow morning. I would consider this “full swing harvest” everyone who can be is harvesting. The cooperative weather had plenty of pressure on the markets today as well he yields coming out of the fields are everything that was promised… “Fantastic” “awesome”…. “What’s this black stuff” “IS THAT MOLD” “ALI, what’s this diplodia everyone’s talking about” “Can I put this stuff in the bin” …. So here it is, the yields are amazing, there isn’t anyone who is to terribly disappoint with the corn yield. That’s part A. Part B, is diplodia, which is a mold that gets into corn, it is a mold so it will spread through a bin in a hurry if it’s not handled correctly, a couple of things to keep in mind if you’re going to put the corn in your bin get the dryer on it ASAP, you want to keep that stuff dry 14% is a good target. It’s best not to contaminate a healthy corn bin with corn that has high diplodia if you have a bin nearly full of heathy corn don’t put corn with diplodia on top of it, like I said diplodia is a mold it can spread you don’t want to risk the health of the rest of the bin for one or two loads of iffy corn.
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